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Payment Plans

If you cannot pay your financial obligation in full within thirty days, you can set up a payment plan through Signal Credit Management Services. The Signal Credit Time Pay Application must be completed and turned in before the expiration of the thirty day period. If you have not paid or made payment arrangements within thirty days, the unpaid balance will be selected for collections.

Signal Credit Time Pay Application

For financial obligations that have gone to collections, contact AllianceOne:

Pay on-line:

Pay by telephone: 1-800-456-8838

Pay in person: AllianceOne Pay Station Locations

Community Service

Once authorized, to receive credit for community service hours performed towards your fine you must submit a letter from the non-profit organization on their letterhead stating how many hours of volunteer service you provided, the dates you volunteered, your case number, the signature of the contact person at the non-profit organization who can verify your service, and their telephone number. If your community service letter is missing any of the above information, then you may not receive full credit towards your fine, or processing your credit may be delayed. Moreover, if you volunteer or provide services to an agency or organization that is not non-profit, you will not receive credit towards your fine.

Although authorized by the court to perform community service hours, each non-profit organization may have their own screening process to determine eligibility to perform community service at their organization.

Non-exclusive list of non-profit organizations, by way of example and not recommendation, in alphabetical order:

American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Animal Shelter
Food Bank
Historical Preservation Society
Non-profit Hospital
Parks & Recreation Department
Red Cross
Salvation Army
Senior Center (non-profit)
United Way

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