Security and Directions

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Each person who wishes to enter the courtroom must first pass through security screening. Keep in mind that firearms, ammunition, edged weapons, impact weapons, explosives and explosive components, flammable liquids, chemical agents, hazardous materials, handcuffs, toy guns, pepper spray, and weapons of any sort are not allowed in the courtroom. Cellular phones, laptops, computer notebooks, i-phones, i-pads, and all other electronic communication devices must be silenced before entering the courtroom. Finally, do not bring food or drink into the courtroom and remove your hat upon entering the courtroom.

Any person in possession of a prohibited item will be required to leave the courthouse and return without the item. Security personnel will not hold any prohibited items for you while you are in the courtroom and are not responsible for items left in the security screening area.

Please click the following link for directions to City Hall