Red Light Photo Enforcement

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If you receive a notice of infraction for failing to stop at a red light that was detected and captured by photograph and video, you may respond by 1) mailing in payment for the full amount of the ticket; 2) requesting a contested hearing to challenge the infraction; 3) requesting a mitigation hearing to explain the circumstances; or 4) submitting a written statement in person, by mail, or by email on the proper form either contesting the infraction or explaining mitigating circumstances.

To view the photographs and the video of your incident, visit and enter city code: SEATAC.
To mitigate or contest an infraction via email, click here.

A person who has been served with a notice of infraction by mail must respond to the notice on or before the deadline indicated on the notice of infraction.

Failure to respond in a timely fashion or failure to appear at a scheduled hearing can result in a finding of “Committed” to the infraction, an additional assessment may be added to the penalty, and it may affect your ability to renew your vehicle license.

Photo enforcement violations will not appear on your driving record, even if it is found that you committed the infraction. Photo enforcement violations are treated similar to parking violations.

If you pay for the violation in full, the case is closed and you have no further obligation.

Click here to make a payment

If you contest (challenge) the infraction and you prevail, the infraction is dismissed and you do not pay a penalty.

If you appear in court and contest (challenge) the infraction and you do not prevail, you must pay the penalty assessed, but you may appeal the court’s decision. A defendant may appeal a judgment entered after a contested hearing finding that the defendant has committed the infraction. No other orders or judgments are appealable by the defendant.

If you mitigate the infraction, the penalty may be reduced by the judge.

By submitting a written statement for decision, you are promising to pay the penalty assessed by the court, if any, and you agree to be bound by the court’s decision. There is no appeal from a court’s decision on a written statement. Click the following link to print out the Infraction Hearing by Mail form to request a decision based on your written statement. Make sure you submit your request for decision on written statement before your response deadline. You may also mitigate or contest the infraction via e-mail by clicking here.

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