Probation Services

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Monday - Wednesday:  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Thursday:  By phone 9:00 AM - 4:30 pm (206.771.2818)


Probation Mission

•  Help Offenders succeed by providing resources and guidance.

•  Provide the court with thorough, accurate, and timely reports.

•  Hold probationers accountable for their behavior.

•  Assess each probationer and provide supervision at the designated classification level.

Probation Services

•  Offender Supervision

•  Pre-Sentence Investigations

•  Jail Alternative Programs

            » Day Reporting

            » Electronic Home Monitoring

            » Community Work Crew

            » Community Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Jail Alternative Programs

Driving Directions

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For information on Domestic Violence Moral Reconation Therapy Click the link below:

Domestic Violence Moral Reconation

Being placed on probation can be a confusing experience.  We hope the information provide here will help take some of the mystery out of the process.  We have tried to anticipate and answer the more frequently answered questions.  If you have an additional questions, don't hesitate to ask your probation officer or your attorney.