Missed Hearing

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If you missed your scheduled court hearing……

…and your case is a criminal matter, the court may order a warrant for your arrest. You can post bail or a bond to schedule your case for a hearing, or you can turn yourself in at the SCORE correctional facility in Des Moines, and the court will schedule your appearance before the judge.

-To contact the public defender, click here
-To contact SCORE jail, click here
-To contact a court clerk, click here

….and your case is an infraction, the infraction will be found “Committed”, an additional assessment will be added to the penalty, the court will notify the department of licensing, and your privilege to drive may be suspended.

-To contact Department of Licensing, click here
-To pay your fines, click here
-To contact AllianceOne (if your fine is in collections), click here
-To contact a court clerk, click here.