What to do if you miss your court hearing

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If you miss your scheduled hearing for a criminal charge, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Contact the court clerk to ensure we have your current address (to update your address with the court, click here), and to determine if a warrant was issued for your arrest, the amount of the warrant, and whether or not the warrant is bondable.
If a warrant was issued for your arrest, once you post the required bail at the court clerk’s office, the clerk will give you another court date to appear, and the warrant will be quashed. If you are not able to post bail, you may turn yourself in to the SCORE correctional facility in Des Moines, and the jail will work with the court to schedule your appearance before the judge, either in person or by video.
To determine if you are eligible for the Warrant Walk-In Calendar contact the Court Clerk at (206) 973-4610.