Interlocal Agreements

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 Agreement #      Title     Ending date


    Agreement with King County for Solid Waste Management      Ongoing
90-A022/ 1022     Agreement with King County for provision of road services      Ongoing
90-A033/ 1033     Agreement with Southwest Suburban Sewer District to provide sanitary sewer service      Ongoing
90-A037/ 1037     Agreement with Puget Sound Council on Government to offer the City membership into the association      Ongoing
92-A186/1186     An Interlocal Agreement (ILA) forming a Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC) with King County, Seattle and Suburban Cities and Towns of King County     Ongoing
1251     Interlocal Agreement for Regional Planning of the Central Puget Sound Area between Counties, Cities, and Towns, political subdivisions and municipal corporation of the State of Washington and federally funded Indian Tribes     Ongoing
97-A120     Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with King County for the licensing of taxicabs/for-hire vehicles and drivers     Ongoing
03-A090      An Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with other jurisdictions in King County to provide law enforcement mutual aid and mobilization     Ongoing 
03-A121     An Interlocal Agreement with the City of Burien, City of Des Moines, the City of Normandy Park, and King County for the maintenance and preservation of Des Moines Memorial Drive      Ongoing 
04-A036      An Interlocal Agreement with Des Moines, the Port of Seattle, the Washington State Dept. of Transportation for the Des Moines Creek Basin Restoration Projects     Ongoing
05-A090      An Interlocal Agreement with the City of Renton for the Housing of Inmates in the Renton City Jail     Ongoing
06-A091     An Interlocal Agreement with Highline Water District for Cross Connection Control     Ongoing
07-A101      An Interlocal Agreement for Electrical Inspection Services with the City of Tukwila       
07-A115     An Interlocal Agreement for Electrical Inspection Services with the City of Tukwila     Ongoing 
07-A151     An Interlocal Agreement with the Cities of Des Moines and Tukwila for Planning, Funding and Implementation of a Joint Minor Home Repair Program     Ongoing
08-A110      ILA Agreement with Highline School District #401 regarding Installation Agreement for Madrona Elementary School Walking Path      07/01/2033 


    Interlocal Operating Agreement with Sound Transit regarding Funding Contributions for D'Agostino Artwork       
09-A012      ILA Agreement with SCORE to establish and Maintain a consolidated correctional facility      Ongoing 
10-A011      ILA with Des Moines, Covington, and Tukwila for Planning, Funding, and Implementation of a Joint Minor Home Repair Program     


10-A048      ILA with Highline Schoold District No. 401 regarding Shared Facility use at Valley Ridge Park and the Tyee Educational Complex Parking Area     


12-A090     Interlocal Agreement between Cities of Auburn, Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Burlington, Des Moines, Everett, Issaquah, Kent, Mt. Vernon, Renton, SeaTac, Snoqualmie, Sumner and Cowlitz County to pay for the legal services of Foster Pepper PLLC.  Letter of engagement for NPDES phase II appeal.     Ongoing 
12-A120      ILA with Coalition of Government Entities regarding legal services for the NPDES Phase II permits      Ongoing 
13-A148     Interlocal Agreement with Kent Fire Department Regional Fire Authority (RFA) to provide fire protection, fire suppression, and emergency medical services     12/31/2033
13-A176      ILA with Des Moines, Covington, and Tukwila for Planning, Funding, and Implementation of a Joint Minor Home Repair Program     


14-A062      ILA for the Joint Establishment of a Tourism Promotion Area with Tukwila and Des Moines      05/05/2034 
14-A158      Interagency Agreement with King County to design, construct, operate, and maintain Lake to Sound Trail, Segment B, within City boundaries
15-A178      Interlocal Agreement with King County for use of Electronic Fingerprint Capture Equipment     Ongoing 
15-A191      Interlocal Agreement - Green River, Duwamish River and Central Puget Sound Watersheds withing the geographic planning area of Water Resource Inventory Area 9 (WRIA9)      07/19/2025
17-A057      Interlocal Agreement with King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office (KCPAO) for the Implementation of the Greater Puget Sound Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Crimes Task Force (GPS FFIT) Program      06/30/2020 
17-A094      Interlocal Agreement with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)      12/31/2022
17-A105     Interlocal Agreement (ILA) Cities Insurance Association of Washington      Ongoing 
18-A001      2018 Interlocal Agreement with the Port of Seattle      02/17/2028 
18-A039      Interlocal Agreement between the Cities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park and SeaTac for Environmental Review of the Sea-Tac Airport Sustainable Airport Master Plan      12/31/2020 
18-A144      Interlocal Agreement with WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) for shared funding for Construction of the Puget Sound Gateway Program (SR 509 Extension).     



19-A024      2019-2023 Interlocal Agreement for Waterfowl (Canada Goose) Management Program      12/31/2023 
19-A074     Interlocal Agreement # GCB3101 with WSDOT for Improvements to the On-ramp connecting South 200th St to Southbound Interstate 5      Ongoing
19-A077     Interlocal Agreement between the City of SeaTac and King County Water District No. 125 for Construction of Water Line and Pavement Restoration on Military Road South and South 152nd Street – (ST-125)      Ongoing 
19-A105      Memorandum of Understanding related to the Interlocal Agreement For Law Enforcement Services (00-A097) regarding the City's selection of its Police Chief      Ongoing
19-A127      Interlocal Agreement to Construct Public Works Project ST-065 - Des Moines Memorial Drive/S 200th Street Intersection Improvement Project     


19-A135      Interlocal Agreement for Fee in Lieu of Mitigation Related to Military Road South Frontage Improvements Along the Tukwila Justice Center Development     ?