Stormwater Volunteer Opportunities

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The City of SeaTac offers a number of ways individuals or groups can help protect and restore our natural surface water resources. By volunteering you can help make a difference in the health of our streams, lakes and the Puget Sound.  Remember, protecting the Puget Sound, starts here...with you.

Storm Drain MarkersStorm Drain Marking 2
Colorful, plastic curb markers with the message "Puget Sound Starts Here" are used to remind everyone that if you pour something down a storm drain or into a gutter, it is just as though you poured it directly into a local lake, stream or the Puget Sound.  Help the City mark the storm drains so everyone that sees them will remember - only rain should go down the drain.  To get involved, please call 206.973.4763. 


Lake Monitoring
Local citizen volunteers and King County Department of Natural Resources monitor the water quality of Angle Lake.  They collect data on water quality to identify potential problems and/or illegal discharges.  Cvolunteer water monitoringurrently our volunteer positions are full, however we are looking for back up volunteers. 

The City of SeaTac also encourages lake stewardship by promoting sustainable practices and behaviors among lake residents and users.  Please see the City Lake Stewardship Flyer for more information.