Transportation Master Plan Supporting Documents

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TMP Supporting Documents

View supporting documents for the Transportation Master Plan by chapter.

Chapter 2.   Inventory of Existing Transportation system and Conditions
                            - Map of Study Intersections
                            - PM Peak Hour Turning Movement Counts by Intersection
                            - Hourly Volume Graphs
                            - Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Definitions
                            - Existing PM Peak Hour Level of Service (LOS) Summary Table
                             - Collisions by Type
                             - Collisions by Severity
                             - Commute Trip Reduction Plan Update 2015 

Chapter 3.   Travel Forecasts and Alternative Evaluation
                            a.  Forecast 2025 & 2035 PM peak hour levels of service (LOS) Summary
                            b.  Forecast 2025 & 2035 peak hour Traffic Volumes Summary Sheet  

Chapter 4.   Multi-modal Transportation Systems Plans
                            a.  Safe & Complete Streets Plan with Addendum
                            b.  SeaTac Planning Level Transportation Project Cost Estimating

Chapter 5.   Funding and Implementation Strategies
                            a.  Transportation Funding Analysis