Public Works Engineering

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Military Road South Completion

Public Works Engineering

The Public Works Engineering Division's primary responsibility is the implementation and management of the Department's Capital Improvement Program. This work involves planning for, designing, and constructing street and surface water improvements within the City.  Engineering manages the City's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and long range transportation planning.  In addition, Engineering applies for transportation and storm water related grants; collects traffic volume and speed data; conducts pavement condition surveys; manages an annual pavement overlay program; manages the maintenance of the City's traffic signals and street signage; and inspects all construction in the right of way.

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Neighborhood Traffic Control
The City of SeaTac has a two-step process for addressing neighborhood traffic control (traffic calming)  problems.  Measures available range from neighborhood monitoring of traffic speeds to physical control devices such as speed humps and traffic circles.  Traffic calming solutions depend on the location and the extent of the problem.  Physical control devices require a Petition from the affected neighborhood.  See Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program for more information.