False Alarms

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Nation-wide, law enforcement agencies, alarm users, and the alarm industry are working hand-in-hand to reduce the incidence of false alarms. SeaTac Police Services is very aware of the cost to law enforcement from high rates of false alarms. Responding to false alarms diverts precious police resources from actual criminal and emergency responses. Locally and on a national scale, we are working closely with the alarm companies serving our communities to lessen the impact of false alarms on our police resources.

What are the false alarm fines?
In accordance with City of SeaTac Municipal Code, SMC 8.20.080 Excessive false alarms - Penalties. Any person or business, through error, omission or mechanical/electrical failure that causes two or more false alarms in any consecutive six-month period commits a civil infraction punishable by a maximum penalty and default amount of $100.00 dollars, not including statutory assessments. The Department shall notify the alarm user by first class mail of each false alarm, the fine, and the consequences of the failure to pay the fine. The Department shall also inform the alarm user of the right to appeal the validity of the false alarm determination as provided in SMC 8.20.100. The penalty and default amount for the third and successive false alarms is $100.00 dollars, not including statutory assessments. If the fine imposed under this section has not been received by the City of SeaTac Finance Department within fifteen (15) days of the date of notice, and there is no appeal pending on the validity of the false alarm, a $25.00 late fee (Ord. 03-1029 2) shall be assessed. Any succeeding false alarms as a result of failure to take the necessary corrective action or any nonpayment of any false alarm charges, or both, may result in the Chief of Police ordering no response to the premise with excessive false alarms until either the corrective action is taken or any outstanding charges are paid, or both. Approval by the Police Chief for reinstatement may only be obtained by applying in writing for the reinstatement. The Police Chief may reinstate the alarm user upon a finding that reasonable effort has been made to correct the false alarms, which may include documentation from an alarm business stating that the alarm system is operating properly and that the alarm user's agents are properly trained in the alarm system's operation, and full payment has been made for any outstanding penalties due to the City of SeaTac for false alarms. The City of SeaTac and the Police Department are not responsible for costs incurred by the alarm user to qualify for reinstatement. The suspension of police response under this chapter shall apply only to burglary and property alarm systems and shall not apply to any robbery, panic, or duress alarms. However, all such alarms shall be construed in determining the total number of false alarms under this chapter (Ord. 03-1029 2).

For more information on false alarms, you may refer to SeaTac Municipal Code 8.20 at: or call 206.973.4900.