Permit Parking Program

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Please fill out the Permit Parking Program survey by clicking on this link.  Permit Parking Program Survey


You may register now for parking permits.  Please click here to begin the registration process. 

The City of SeaTac is implementing a Permit Parking Program to help manage parking in congested neighborhoods.  Resident feedback regarding a lack of parking on their streets led to the programs development. The program affects the McMicken Neighborhood. 

Please click here for a map of the parking zone.

Residents or business owners who want to park for longer than 3 hours in the parking zone will need to register their vehicles. 

Single family residents or business owners may apply for up to two (2) parking permits per address for the vehicles that are registered to their address within the parking zone.

Multi-family residents may apply for (1) Permit per address for the vehicles that are registered to their address within the parking zone. 

The permit parking program does not alter current applicable SeaTac parking laws.  This includes a provision that vehicles must be moved every 24 hours.

Permit requirements:

  • Must be a resident or business owner.
  • The vehicle registration address needs to be the same as applicant's residence or business.

Documents required to sign up:

  • Vehicle registration information that matches address in Permit Zone.
  • Proof of residency by one of the following:
    • Valid driver's license with current address
    • Current Property tax statements
    • Current utility bill with applicant's name dated within 30 days of date of application
    • A voter registration card with current address
  • Additional requirements for business owners
    • Must have a valid business license issued by the City of SeaTac.
  • Additional requirement for renter/leaseholder
    • Must have a copy of a current lease with both the owner's name and applicant's name.


  • First permit is free
  • Second permit is $65
  • Reissuance fee is $25
  • Parking permits are good for one year from date of acceptance.

To read the full text of the ordinance, click here.



What are the penalties?

  • There is a $250 fine for misuse of the permit as outlined in Section 9.50.050
  • $50 fine for parking longer than 3 hours in a permit zone.
  • Multiple violations can occur within the same day.
  • Vehicles parked in the permit parking zone longer than 6 hours may be subject to additional fines.

How can I pay my ticket when I receive one?
Drivers who receive citations have two options to pay their tickets.  You may come in person to the SeaTac Municipal Court during their normal business hours (Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-4:00pm or Friday from 8:30am to 12:00 pm) or visit the City of SeaTac Municipal Court website and pay online.

Can I still park in my driveway?
Yes, this new program only effects on-street parking and does not affect driveways.

Can I get a temporary parking permit?
The City will not be issuing temporary parking permits.  Only residents or business owners who meet the criteria can obtain permits.

Does the permit parking zone affect private streets and alleys?
No, this only affects City right-of-way and does not affect private streets and alleys.

Will I receive a physical permit to display in my car?
No, residents and business owners will register their vehicles and parking compliance officers will issue citations based on license plates.

What can I do if I'm unable to upload documents in the application process?
You may take your documents to City Hall and present them to the SeaTac Police Department for assistance.

Can my neighborhood participate in the permit parking zone?
Residents and business owners interested in launching a permit parking zone need to submit a petition that includes support of 75% of residents and/or business owners in a designated area.  In addition, 60% of on-street parking spaces in the area need to be utilized for greater than 3 hours.

Can my neighborhood  opt out of the permit parking zone?
A neighborhood can choose to opt out of the permit parking zone.  Sixty percent (60%) of the residents or business owners would need to sign a petition choosing to opt out of the program.  To learn more, click on the ordinance.

For more information, please contact the police department at 206-973-4900.