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The City of SeaTac has a population of more than 28,000 residents. Thousands of people move through the city each day by way of SeaTac International Airport and the 5,500 hotel/motel guest rooms that are located nearby. This creates special demands for police services within the community.

The City of SeaTac has contracted with the King County Sheriff's Office since incorporation in 1990. The Police Chief oversees the activities of a police force that includes patrol officers, criminal investigations and street crimes detectives, and operations and administrative support staff.

SeaTac Patrol is comprised of 25 commissioned Police Officers and 3 Patrol Sergeants.  Patrol Officers and Sergeants work 10 hour shifts on a rotational schedule that include weekends and holidays.

Patrol Officers are the most visible representatives of the police department.  When not responding to 911 dispatched calls for service, officers proactively patrol neighborhoods to connect with community members, provide police visibility, and enforce the law.

The SeaTac Police Department has a Criminal Investigations Unit and a Street Crimes Unit that are each staffed with 3 detectives and a Detective Sergeant.  The Criminal Investigations Unit investigates person and property crimes.  The Street Crimes Unit investigates drug and vice/human trafficking related crimes.

The SeaTac Police Department has 3 patrol officers that are assigned to traffic emphasis within the community.  While visible patrols and traffic citations remain a part of our approach to traffic safety in SeaTac, the use of the RADAR speed trailer also helps to educate drivers about speed enforcement.

Residents who would like to have the RADAR trailer placed in their neighborhoods may contact us at 206.973.4900 Monday through Friday during business hours, or e-mail at:

The City of SeaTac has one dedicated School Resource Officer assigned to Chinook Middle School and Tyee High School.  The SRO works with school security to improve safety and reduce the fear of crime in and around the schools.   In addition, the SRO provides mentoring and role modeling resources for students and serves as a resource for school staff and parents to collaborate in developing strategies of prevention and intervention for students that are at risk.

The SeaTac Police Department has two Community Services Officers.  CSO’s are civilian employees who coordinate and provide a variety of education services to the community. They are trained to mediate conflict in family, neighbor and landlord/tenant disputes, and act as department liaisons with various social and community organizations.

CSO’s also assist patrol officers with investigations of juvenile problems, child abuse and neglect, and traffic management and control in emergency and accident situations.