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South King County Resources for Women and Children
Victims of Domestic Violence

Emergency (Police, Fire, Medical):
SeaTac:  Domestic Violence Advocate (Criminal Cases) 206.973.4634
                 Police Administrative Office 206.973.4900
                 Municipal Court Clerk's Office 206.973.4610
                 Community Service Officer Sana Wight 206.973.4915
Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline 800.562.6025 (Toll Free)
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233 (Toll Free)
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center 24-Hour Number 425.226.7273
                 Business Office 425.226.5062
Eastside Domestic Violence Program (EDVP) 24-Hour Number 425.746.1940
                 Toll Free 800.827.8840 (Toll Free)
Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN) 24-Hour Number 425.656.7867
Confidential Shelters: 
DAWN House 206.622.1881
New Beginnings (24-Hour) 206.522.9472
Lifewire 425.746.1940
Other Shelters for Women:
Broadview (also has some transitional housing) 206.622.4933
YWCA (Downtown Seattle) 206.461.4882
YWCA Emergency Housing (for families of 4 or more) 206.461.4423
Crisis Clinic (24-Hour Crisis Line): 206.461.3222
Community Information Line
(includes bedbank, social services, etc.)
Police Arrests: 
King County Victim Assistance Unit 206.296.9552
King County Jail VINE Service
(information/notification regarding inmate release)
877.425.8463 (Toll Free)
King County Jail/Regional Justice Center - Kent 206.205.2210
King County Jail/Downtown Seattle 206.296.1234
King County Superior Court/RJC/DV Advocates (Felony Level) 206.205.7475
King County Superior Court/Seattle Advocates (Felony Level) 206.296.9470
City of Seattle Domestic Violence Unit 206.684.7770
King County Police, Precinct 4 206.296.3333
Other South King County Advocates:
City of Auburn (Legal) Victim Advocate 253.931.3072
City of Burien (Legal) Victim Advocate 206.296.3330
City of Des Moines (Legal) Victim Advocate 206.870.6546
City of Federal Way (Legal) Victim Advocate 253.661.4027
City of Kent (Legal) Victim Advocate 253.813.3274
City of Renton (Legal) Victim Advocate 425.430.6654
City of Seattle Domestic Violence Unit 206.684.7770
City of Tukwila (Legal) Victim Advocate 206.433.1872
King County District Court Advocates (DV Courts):
             Seattle Division 206.296.9651 or 296.0283
             Regional Justice Center/Aukeen Division 206.205.7449 or 205.7454
             Northeast Division 206.205.7038 or 205.7004
Other: 877.589.4784 (Toll Free)

Domestic Abuse and Addiction


Alcohol Addiction


Best Recovery Programs for Those Struggling with
Addiction and Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse

888.376.9282 (Toll Free)
The Recovery Village 888.619.6186 (Toll Free)
Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers 800.231.4303 (Toll Free)