Criminal Division FAQ

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How do I get to City Hall/SeaTac Municipal Court?
SeaTac City Hall and Municipal Court are located at 4800 South 188th Street. Coming from north I-5, take the Orillia Street exit and go west, City Hall is on the first corner (Military Road), and will be on your right. Coming from south I-5, take 188th Street exit and go west past the first stop light (Military Road), City Hall will be on your right.

How do I change my court date?
If you are represented by an attorney, contact your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, contact the Municipal Court at 206.973.4610. The court may require that you waive your right to speedy trial in order to continue your court date.

How do I qualify for a public defender?
Screening for the public defender takes place at the SeaTac Municipal Court. Applications are available in the Court Clerk's Office. There is a $10 application fee at the time the application is turned in. A fee of $195 could be imposed for public defender cost recoupment.

How do I quash a bench warrant in SeaTac Municipal Court?
You must come in to the SeaTac Municipal Court and request to be seen by the judge and ask for the warrant to be quashed on the warrant walk-in calendar. Please call the SeaTac Municipal Court for the next available court date. There is a $100 fee and you must appear at the court by 8:30 a.m. to be placed on the calendar. No defendants will be accepted on the warrant walk-in calendar after 9:00 a.m.

I received a subpoena. What do I do next?
You must appear in court at the scheduled date and time. Failure to appear in court in response to a subpoena may result in a warrant for your arrest. If you have an emergency situation or conflict and cannot attend, you must contact the SeaTac Municipal Court immediately at 206.973.4610.

How do I drop a "No Contact Order"?
If you are the victim of a crime and a No Contact Order has been imposed by the court, only the judge can lift or modify the Order. You can petition the judge to recall the Order, however, this must be done in person, on a regularly scheduled court date.

I am a victim of, or have witnessed a criminal act. What do I do?
Call 911 as soon as possible to report the incident.

How do I obtain a copy of a City of SeaTac police report for a misdemeanor charge?
If you are a defendant and are represented, contact your attorney. If you are a defendant and do not have an attorney, contact the City of SeaTac Legal Department in person. You will need to provide valid photo identification (such as a driver's license or State ID card). If you are a victim of a domestic-violence crime, contact the Victim Advocate at 206.973.4634. If you are not a defendant or a victim, contact the King County Records Division at 206.296.4190.