Civil Division

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Serves as legal advisor to the City Council, City Manager, and other officers with regard to their respective departments and positions;
  • Handles City matters in all areas of law, except criminal prosecution;
  • Drafts ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other documents;
  • Assists with negotiations of franchise agreements;
  • Reviews and revises, as necessary, documents drafted by other departments;
  • Furnishes written opinions on matters relating to the affairs of the City, as requested or as otherwise warranted;
  • Is responsible for all litigation filed against or on behalf of the City;
  • Is responsible for defending all lawsuits filed against the City;
  • Furnishes liaison to the Council's Public Safety and Justice Committee and to the City Civil Service Commission;
  • Assists and coordinates actions in response to public records disclosure requests;
  • Provides attorney attendance, for legal advice and assistance, at all meetings of the City Council and at meetings of Council Committees as required; and
  • Provides attorney service as members of the City’s management team, as members of policy and procedure development groups, and in collective bargain negotiations.