Airport Advisory Committee

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This committee is currently suspended and will meet on an as needed basis:


The Airport Advisory Committee is established to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council with the following purposes:


1. To discuss both the positive and negative impacts of the Sea-Tac International Airport in the City of SeaTac;

2. To discuss land use issues related to Sea-Tac Airport, including the impacts on the City of SeaTac, including but not limited to the South Aviation Support Area (SASA), the International Arrivals Facility, and Airport Access;

3. To discuss agreements between the City of SeaTac and the Port of Seattle related to Sea-Tac Airport including, but not limited, to any Interlocal Agreements;

4. To discuss mitigations of the Airport impacts including, but not limited, to traffic mitigation, surface water management, parking, and the payment of impact fees;

5. To make recommendations to the City Council regarding ways to protect residents and businesses from negative airport impacts;

6. To make recommendations to the City Council regarding ways for residents and businesses to take advantage of positive airport impacts;

7. To address other airport related issues as deemed appropriate by the Committee or the City Council.

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