Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

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2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process 

The 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process was completed when City Council took action on the Final Docket proposals on November 26, 2019.  This biennial process is an opportunity for the community to propose changes to SeaTac's Comprehensive Plan. 

Project News (Updated 11/27/2019)

City Council Adopts All Final Docket Proposals
On November 26, 2019, SeaTac City Council adopted the 2019 Final Docket amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.  The amendments will become effective on January 1, 2020.  The adopted amendments include:

M-1:  Map Amendment M-1:  WSDOT/Poulsbo RV Map Amendment and Concurrent Rezone
M-2:  Map Amendment M-2:  Bow Lake Mobile Home Park Map Amendment and Concurrent Rezone
M-7:  Update Comprehensive Plan's Informational Maps
T-1:  Revisions to Transportation Level of Service (LOS) & Concurrency Policies
T-2:  Biennial Update of Capital Facilities Plan

Final Docket Staff Report (Reposted with administrative corrections on 11/1/2019)

Per the City's procedures, Planning Division staff completed an evaluation of the five Comprehensive Plan Amendment proposals that comprised the 2019 Final Docket.  The staff evaluation can be found within the Staff Report at the following link:  2019 Final Docket Staff Report.

M-3 Potential Rezone of Military Rd S - North End - WITHDRAWN
At the October 10, 2019, Special Council Meeting, City Council voted to withdraw the proposal to rezone the North End of Military Rd S (Map Amendment M-3)For more information, please see the project web page at the following link: M-3 Potential Rezone of Military Rd S - North End.

Review & Adoption Schedule

11/5, 5:30pm:    Public Hearing & Planning Commission recommendation on proposals
11/21, 6pm:        Planning & Economic Development (PED) Committee recommendation (anticipated)
11/26, 6pm:       City Council review of proposals
12/10, 6pm:       City Council action on proposals (anticipated)

Project Information

City Council Establishes Final Docket on July 9, 2019
At their July 9th meeting, City Council established the Final Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendment proposals.  The Final Docket includes proposals Council would like the Planning Commission and staff to further analyze before acting on amendments at the end of the year. 
Materials from 7/9/2019 City Council Meeting: 
Presentation on proposals for Final Docket
Final Docket - List

Review Process & General Schedule
Click the links below to see the general review process and schedule:
Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulations Amendment Procedures
General Review & Adoption Schedule 

Resources and Links
SeaTac Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures
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Population & Employment Targets Information Sheet
Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation Criteria
Growth Management Act (GMA) & Regional Planning Information

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for Comprehensive Plan & Development Regulations Amendment Process

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City Council Review of all Amendment Proposals