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1.  What is the required setback for a house, or for an addition to a house?

The setbacks are:

  • A 20 foot front yard setback.
  • A 15 foot rear yard setback.
  • A 5 foot side yard setback.

2.  What are the setbacks for an accessory structure?

  • Twenty (20) feet from the front property line (On a corner lot, 20 feet from both property frontages).
  • Five (5) feet from the side and rear property lines.

3.  How high can my fence be?

  • A fence may be six (6) feet in height in the rear yard.
  • A fence may be six (6) feet in height in the side yard to the front yard setback line (20 feet). In the remaining 20 feet to the front property line, it may be only four (4) feet in height (See Figures below).

Fence 1Fence 2

  • A two (2) foot trellis work may be added to the fence as illustrated in the following figure.

2 foot trellis

  4.  Can a fence be placed on a property line?

  • Yes.  
A fence may be placed on a property line, or inside your property line.  A fence may not extend into a neighbor's property or into the public road right-of-way.  It is advisable to know your property boundaries prior to putting up a fence, since the publicly-owned right-of-way is typically wider than the developed road.  It is neighborly to discuss your plans with the abutting property owner to avoid potential concerns or disputes regarding placement.  

5.  I live in a residential zone. Can I place barbed wire on my fence?

  • No

6.  How would you measure fence height on sloping property?

  • On a sloping of property, a fence may either be constructed to follow the slope of the property or stepped down the slope of the property (see following figure)

Fence height on a slope

7.  What type of setback is required for a porch or a deck?

  • Uncovered porches and decks not exceeding 18 inches in height may intrude 18 inches into the side yard setback and 10 feet into the rear yard setback. No intrusion is allowed into the front yard setback.
  • Porches and decks exceeding 18 inches in height must comply with all setback requirements.

8.  Can a "bay window" intrude into the front, side, or rear building setbacks?

  • A bay window may project 24 inches into the setback (inclusive of gutters). No bay window may be greater than 10 feet in length. A maximum of two (2) bay windows are allowed per side of house.

9.  How much of the lot may I cover with a structure?

  • A maximum of 35% building lot coverage is allowed. This includes the house and all accessory structures. This does not include driveways or sidewalks.

10.  What is the maximum building height of a house in the single-family zones.

  • 30 feet.