Neighborhood Grant Program

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Neighborhood Grant Program

2018Neighborhood GrantApplic  

2018 Neighborhood Grant Program

The City of SeaTac is now accepting applications for the 2018 Neighborhood Grant Program.  Applications will be accepted until May 15, 2018 unless an extension is announced.

Until the application/project receives City approval, the City is not responsible for, nor will it pay for, any expenses or costs incurred by the applicant for the project prior to project final approval.

SeaTac is committed to promoting and sustaining an environment that is responsive to resident involvement. The purpose of the program is to encourage the formation of neighborhoods that work together for neighborhood identity through collaborative projects.  It is the goal of the Neighborhood Grant Program to build viable partnerships between the City and its residents.

Total grant funds available for the overall 2018 Neighborhood Grant Program equals $4,000.  Only qualified applications will be considered.  Awarded projects will be determined by the amount of qualified applications the City receives and is limited to how may projects can be accommodated within the $4,000 program budget.

The 2018 Neighborhood Grant Program projects require a 2 (neighborhood) to 1 (City) match for City funds awarded (2:1 match).  For every dollar requested through the grant fund, two dollars of match must be provided the applicant group.  Applicant group portions of the grant are typically labor, donated materials, supplies and/or professional services.

Examples of projects include: neighborhood identity (signage, kiosks, play areas, neighborhood events (Block Watch, Map Your Neighborhood), public amenity (benches, sculpture), neighborhood clean-up, youth projects, artwork/neighborhood beautification, or other similar improvements.

Projects must meet the program requirements

2018 program is limited to $4,000

For information and application please contact the Public Works Department at 206.973.4763.

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