Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

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2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process 

The 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process is now underway.  This biennial process is an opportunity for the community to propose changes to SeaTac's Comprehensive Plan. 

Project Status and Information (Updated 5/13/2019)

Summary of Preliminary Docket Proposals is Now Available
The due date for Comprehensive Plan amendment applications was March 29, 2019.  Eleven proposals were processed, including nine that were initiated by the City.  Click the link below to see a summary of the proposals.
Preliminary Docket Summary Sheet

Upcoming Meetings & Review Dates
Next steps for the Preliminary Docket proposals is review by the Planning Commission and PED Committee (Planning & Economic Development) as follows:
- 5/21, 5:30 pm: 
Planning Commission first review of Preliminary Docket (Council Chambers, City Hall)
- 5/23, 6:00 pm:  PED Committee first review of Preliminary Docket (Riverton Conference Room,  1st Floor, City Hall)
- 6/18, 5:30 pm:  Planning Commission review of Preliminary Docket & recommendation to City Council on proposals to include on Final Docket (Council Chambers, City Hall)
- 6/27, 6:00 pm:  PED Committee review of Preliminary Docket proposals & recommendation to City Council on proposals to include on Final Docket (Riverton Conference Room,  1st Floor, City Hall)
More information about upcoming meetings, including meeting agendas and material, can be found on the City's web calendar.

Review Process & General Schedule
Click the links below to see the general review process and schedule
Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulations Amendment Procedures
General Review & Adoption Schedule 

Resources and Links
SeaTac Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures
SeaTac Comprehensive Plan
Population & Employment Targets Information Sheet
Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation Criteria
Growth Management Act (GMA) & Regional Planning Information

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for Comprehensive Plan & Development Regulations Amendment Process

Contact Us
For more information, please contact Senior Planner Kate Kaehny at or 206-973-4834.



City Council Review of all Amendment Proposals