Airport Benefits

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The City of SeaTac surrounds the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  This proximity offers great opportunities for industries in which direct access to either air cargo or passenger flights is of paramount importance.  Airports facilitate commerce; they also serve as economic engines, and their direct, indirect and induced benefits accrue throughout the rest of the community as well.

The City of SeaTac and the Port of Seattle work closely with one another to meet the needs of industry and the region by promoting the benefits of the airport to residents and businesses, while minimizing the airport’s impacts on our community. 




“One of the great things we’ve found and benefitted in establishing ourselves in SeaTac is the proximity to the airport as well as to the I5-405 corridor. Many of our customers are flying in for the day, some are coming in to places like Boeing Field, having retreats with their boards, and flying out. It’s very convenient.”

John Murphy, Former General Manager, Cedarbrook Center