Food Truck FAQ's

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Food Truck Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are mobile food trucks that serve the general public and may park at different locations allowed to operate within the City of SeaTac?
    • No. food trucks that serve the general public in that manner are currently not allowed within the City of SeaTac (including on the Airport property), except within the Angle Lake Station District (area surrounding S. 200th St. and International Blvd.).


  2. Why are they not allowed?
    • The City’s Zoning Code does not allow mobile vending such as food trucks and food trailers.  When the issue had been previously considered in the City, prior City Councils heard concerns that food trucks and similar businesses could provide unfair competition with local restaurants. The Zoning Code reflects those prior decisions.


  3. Can food truck operators base their business in the City?
    • Yes. A food truck operator may base their business in SeaTac, but as noted, they cannot operate as a mobile retail sales vendor within the city limits. A City business license is required for any business that is located within the City.


  4. Are food trucks allowed to operate at private or special events?
    • Yes. Food trucks are currently allowed to cater private events.  This activity is considered mobile catering and not as retail sales.  They may also operate as part of an approved, City-permitted Special Event.


  5. Why are food trucks allowed to operate within the City at public events?
    • As part of planning and permitting a public event, the City addresses issues such as access, parking, licensing, insurance, garbage and recycling, etc., as part of the Special Event Permit.


  6. Will the City Council be considering any changes to the current policies?
    • The City Council has referred this issue to its Land Use and Parks Committee (LUP), which will begin discussions later this month. Please check the City’s website or sign-up for E-notifications to know when these meetings are occurring.


  7. What types of issues will be discussed during this process?
    • The City will consider in what zones food trucks may be allowed; parking and circulation standards; hours of operation; licensing requirements; and other standards.


  8. How long will this process take?
    • If the LUP Committee makes recommendations for changes, it will take several months before proposed Code amendments are ready for action by the Planning Commission and the City Council.


  9. What other steps will part of the process?
    • Since the Zoning Code would need to be amended, the City Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on any proposed changes to current regulations.


  10. How can the public participate in this process?
    • Check the calendar on the City’s website for information about upcoming Land Use and Parks Committee, Planning Commission and City Council meetings. We encourage you to sign up for E-notification which will insure you receive the meeting schedule.  You are welcome to attend these meetings and may also send emails and/or letters in advance of these public meetings. Comments made at public meetings and written comments submitted are all part of the official record.