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July 11, 2017 Council Actions

Post Date:07/12/2017


The following Council direction was given at the July 11, 2017 Regular Council Meeting:


  • Referral to T&PW Committee to discuss quantifying bicycle use within City (refine scope of study and report back to Council before proceeding)
  • Referral to LUP Committee to review current administration of permit/application process regarding hydroplane race on Angle Lake
  • Return of proposed zoning amendments to 154th Street Station area to LUP Committee regarding bicycle standards (report back to Council as Action Item at August 8, 2017 meeting)
  • Referral to LUP and Airport Advisory committees a review of options to restrict airplane flight areas and times (staff to prepare report)
  • Referral  to Airport Advisory Committee to discuss potential appeal Port’s environmental determination regarding Concourse D/Hardstand project (report back required at July 25, 2017 meeting)
  • Referral to PS&J Committee consideration of a mail theft prowl provisions (similar to vehicle prowl provisions)
  • Blanket referral of Public Works projects to T&PW that fall under the following 3 categories: CIP, TIP and TMP


The following Council actions were taken at the July 11, 2017 Regular Council Meeting:


The following Council Meeting Minutes were approved:

Administration & Finance Committee Meeting held June 1 and 22, 2017

Land Use & Parks Committee Meeting held June 22, 2017

Council Study Session held June 27, 2017

Regular Council Meeting held June 27, 2017


Agenda Bill #4620; An Ordinance #17-1014 amending the City's 2017-2018 Biennial Budget was adopted July 11, 2017 and becomes effective July 22, 2017.


Agenda Bill #4655; A Motion authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract with Forrest Gardens LLC for the construction of the Angle Lake Park Nature Trail, carried and became effective July 11, 2017.